Do you have the right mindset?

bored-polarbearI talked in my last post about the need to pre-plan your strategic planning process. The need to create a core team (if you can), make sure they’re briefed properly and that time for this process has been set in everyone’s’ diaries.

Assuming you have this in place and know the steps you should follow to create a strong plan for next year, the process can still falter and fail if the mindset is wrong.

We all have targets to hit, deadlines to meet, and demands from customers and colleagues to manage and if you, or any member of the team view this planning process as a distraction from these day-today responsibilities, then it is likely to fail before it has begun.

If you don’t view this process as vital to the success of your business then neither will your people and the chances are your business will struggle at some point if it isn’t already.

Read that last sentence again and if you question that statement then please download this report.

Assuming you appreciate how important this strategic planning process is to your business then when you create your team, in addition to being properly briefed on the process, expectations and responsibilities, make sure they have the same attitude to the process as you.

Only then will you get the best from them, only then will creativity have a chance to shine, only then will you inspire each other and only then will you have everything in place to create the best strategy you can and take your business to the next level.

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