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The Build Your Business Foundation Coaching Program

Let’s work together and establish the strongest possible foundation for your business.

A strong business is a successful business – a weak business is not. I work directly with businesses and organisations to help them establish the strong foundation needed to achieve long-term success.

“Everyone in business can benefit.”

Craig Green, Lloyds TSB

The difference is three-fold

Firstly, no other company explicitly helps you create the strategic blueprint needed to establish a strong foundation for your business, which is vital to the long-term success of any company.

Secondly, the entire process is brought together into one big picture giving you far more control and confidence over the decisions you make. My system solves the all-too common problem of goals being set in isolation and with no realistic chance of being met. My system connects the dots.

Thirdly, the tools I have developed give you the objective, accurate results you need to help you make the right decisions for your business.

What we will do

We will work together for 12 months, developing the right foundation for your business. We will do this using the phone, Skype and email and if possible meet for half-a-day each quarter. Together we will:

1.    Establish where you want your business to be.
2.    Assess exactly where your business is now.
3.    Make your business run efficiently so you can focus on growing it.
4.    Create a winning strategy that will show you how to get to your destination.
5.    Ensure the successful execution of the strategy.
6.    Create a strategic framework that you can build on year-on-year.

Follow my step-by-step system and you will create the right goals and be certain that you will achieve them rather than hope you can.
With my guidance and using my system, you will create the strongest of foundations upon which you can grow your business year-on-year with certainty and control.

It can be lonely at the top and you don’t always have the luxury of having someone you can talk through your ideas and problems with, or get an unbiased opinion from. I’ll say what I think and together we will innovate and help your business stand out from the crowd.

I will be there helping and supporting you along the way. We’ll keep on improving the way your business is run and I’ll help you solve problems and make the right strategic decisions.

Value-priced, no surprises

Because my system works, I can set a fee that will cover our work together. There are no hidden costs.  Your fee is set in advance and there is no hourly rate. This means you can budget for the difference I’ll make and not worry about how much it will cost every time you want to talk to me.

“Two hours with Christopher is like a cerebral flossing!”

Jenny Fayle, CEO Linfield Group

My guarantee…your peace of mind

I will deliver on my promise and help you build a strong foundation provided you follow my guidance, meet your commitments in this process and set your mind and time to this. In return, you will enjoy at least a 10x return on your investment and have a foundation that will help you make your organization stronger and more successful year-on-year.

What now

The only way that I can help you transform your business is if you contact me using the email or form under this link.

After you contact we will agree a date and time to have a 30 minute consultation. After this you will know more about the coaching program and the benefits to your business. Even if you decide that you’re not ready to join the program, in our 30 minute chat you will have learned enough to make some positive changes to your business.

If your business is not built on a solid foundation that gives you the certainty and control you need to stay on course towards your vision then contact me now…it just might be the best thing you’ve done all year.