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My name is Christopher Briggs and I promise to help you build a stronger business that is far more likely to achieve its goals and succeed.

I am the author of Your Business Foundation and the creator of the Business Foundation Blueprint, my step-by-step system for establishing strong business foundations.

I started out designing silicon chips at Marconi and have worked for other hi-tech corporates like Avnet, Hitachi and Renesas. I didn’t grow up wanting to work in the electronics industry it just kind of happened.

I do remember at some point wanting to be an actor or a musician, but was encouraged to follow the science route at school because to quote my father, ‘I was good at it’. Maybe he knew something about my acting and musical abilities that I didn’t.

Chris Briggs - Your Business Foundation

I eventually left the corporate world having grown tired of developing new strategies and opportunities that resulted in million-dollar deals for others and all the politics that went with it.

I left in 2006 to co-found a software company with my pal Phil, which was building nicely until the economic crash in 2008. Banks pulled the plug and we had to close.

Having worked so hard to then have the rug pulled from under us, left me somewhat miffed to say the least and with all that I’d learned from my years in corporate and that tough start-up journey, I started a consultancy in 2009 to help small businesses owners not go through what Phil and I went through and to be strong enough to handle the kind of unexpected challenge that knocked us flat on our a**es.

It’s all in the strategy (or so I thought)

I initially focused my consultancy on strategy. After all that’s what I’d spent many years creating and successfully implementing in the corporate world and in our software start-up until the crash and the bank caught us out. (The one big risk that I, and as it turned out hundreds of thousands of other businesses, hadn’t catered for.)

When helping small business owners, I found that they were often too busy running around trying to stay on top of their business to do what we agreed needed to be done.

Timescales and targets got pushed back because the businesses weren’t working well and we had to spend time making them run more efficiently – we had to systemise them – so that the owners could step back and think about where they wanted to get the business and how (the strategy) they were going to make it happen.

I also found that business owners didn’t really know where they wanted their business – they stayed in the present and simply worked in it every day to find and service customers and try and resolve all the issues that arose.

It was a challenge to have them focus on what they should be doing whilst delegating or outsourcing what they shouldn’t.

This aspect was more about them than the business, about their mind set and about what they did well (good for their business) and what they didn’t do so well (harmful to their business) and what could be done too exploit the former and improve the latter.

This was about their Leadership attributes and skills.

It all came together

Even though it was crucial to create and implement the right strategy, for that to happen

  • The right systems and processes needed to be in place to make the business run efficiently and effectively and help the business owner stay on course and
  • The right leadership needed to be in place to make it happen.

All 3 elements were crucial to the success of a business in the most fundamental way. So fundamental was this that I named these elements the building blocks of a successful business and collectively the ‘foundation’ upon which it is built.

I re-branded my business and launched Your Business Foundation (and published my book of the same name) in 2014.

Since then I’ve helped SMEs and larger companies from the hi-tech to the care industry and education, build this foundation so that the right strategy could be created and implemented.

I enjoy the creativity that comes from coaching the owner of an SME or from consulting a larger organisation.

But there are so many micro and small business owners out there who need to get this right before they run out of their very limited time and resource.

For them I have created a wealth of free material and have started creating online courses which I will add to. And I’ll always be available to help further when they’re ready.

Whether you need my help or not, just do what you need to do to make sure your business is strong enough to make the journey to wherever it is you want it to be.

Meanwhile, if you want to keep up with my latest stuff then subscribe here.

I live with my wife and our two Labradors in a peaceful house on a hill in Shropshire. (Which is a bonus for would-be neighbours because, apart from playing the guitar and trumpet, I’m currently learning to play the drums.)

If you want to get in touch with me then email works and I will respond.

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