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Getting your business to where you want it to be can be so much harder than it needs to be. The fundamental reason is the strategic foundation that it is built on.

If this is the your first time here, then take a few minutes to gain the big picture of what this foundation is and why it’s vital to the success of your business.

There are 3 ways I can help you start to build your strong business foundation.

Choose the way that best suits you and the stage your business is at.

Your business foundation - free resources

Access a ton of free strategic resources.

your business foundation courses

Start to build your strong business foundation today.

your business foundation - work with Chris

Let me to help you build a strong business.

Two hours with Chris is like a cerebral flossing!

Jenny Fayle, CEO
Linfield Group
Rating: 5

Everyone in business can benefit.

Craig Green
Lloyds TSB
Rating: 5

Chris builds relationships. He builds trust with partners and customers and aims to achieve results that benefit all.

Andrew Poliak, Director of Business Development
QNX Software Systems
Rating: 5

Chris provides clarity and direction

Ian Evans, CEO
IB Technology
Rating: 5

Chris possesses the inherent skills and experience to grow business.

Chris Gill, President & CEO
Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs
Rating: 5
Book - Your Business Foundation by Chris Briggs

If you want to grow a strong, successful business then you need to establish the strong foundation that will support it.

This foundation will give you the certainty and control that you need to get your business to where you want to be.

In this book I’ll show you how to establish the right foundation that all successful businesses are built on.


Discover the 4 levels of strength that make up a strong business and assess exactly how strong your own business is.


Create and execute the right strategy to get your business to the next level.

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