What are you doing today?

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Do you get into work and sometimes think, “What am I doing today?” What about the people who report into you, do they ask the same question? What is the impact on you of them not being sure? And what is the impact on them of you not being sure?

On a day-to-day basis the impact may not be noticeable, but accumulate this over time and you may find milestones and targets looming that you’re not sure you can meet.

What you do today will impact what you achieve this week, which will impact what you achieve this month, this quarter and so on. Everything is connected…everything has to be connected for your annual goals to be met.

To be certain that you will achieve your goals there must be a connection to your daily activity and therefore you must be in control of your activity and your people in control of their activity.

You should know what milestones you need to hit and how that breaks down into monthly then weekly and finally daily activities.

Without certainty and control you can only hope that you’ll achieve your goals but you will have no real idea if what you’re doing ensures you will. You’ll be travelling blind.

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