Make The Most of This Time Off


This is it…the end of the year. Over the last weeks I’ve talked to you about how important it is that you find the time to plan for next year so that you can make it the best one so far.

I’ve talked you through how to set your strategic destination, strategic priorities and goals. I’ve also talked to you about learning from this year and exploiting what worked and addressing what didn’t as you go into the next. (Some links are here and some below this post if you missed them first time round.)

If you haven’t done any or only some of these strategic things well it’s not too late. You have around 10 days off now and no doubt during those 10 days you’ll have had enough to eat and drink, enough merriment and more than enough Christmas TV.

Hopefully you’ll seek some quiet time and maybe go for walks or read or whatever you do to relax. Let your mind wander to your business and think about the year that’s past and about those things that did and didn’t work. Focus on what worked really well and that you can take forward and focus on the top things that held you back or knocked your business off course.

If you can exploit the top two or three things that worked and overcome the top two or three things that didn’t, what difference would that make to your business? Think about this and then at some point find an hour or two of solitary time and think about these subjects I’ve been covering.

Set your destination, draw out the route you’re going to take as I described and plan how you’re going to stay on that route whilst exploiting that which did work and eliminating those elements that held you back.

This is creative work and will probably take 2 or more iterations. But being creative, it should be enjoyable ‘work’ that clears the cobwebs of over-indulgence and mind-sapping TV viewing.

Have a relaxing, peaceful holiday, read a good book and give your business a little non-stressful, creative time.

Best wishes and see you in the new year.

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