The Biggest Difference You Can Make to Your Working Day

In my last post I talked about a way to get more done in your day in less time.

And to get more done, it makes sense that you know what it is you need to get done before the day starts.

If you don’t – and we are all guilty of this – you fill your day reactively. You carry out tasks no matter how mundane and no matter how low their priority. You check your emails and respond to the demands of others. You get distracted by shiny objects be they emails, pinging messages, social media notifications or the urge to buy that something online.

In essence you waste a precious day, a day in which you could have achieved so much and which could have ultimately made a big difference to your business, which could have given you a confidence boost and an emotional break from the stress that is your to-do list.

Here’s the biggest difference you can make to your working day. Continue reading →