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The Success Of Your Business is Directly Proportional To Its Strength

Download the “How Strong Is Your Business?” eBook to Find Out Why

In this eBook (and audio version) you will discover why the success of your business is directly dependent on it’s strength, the 4 vital ways in which a business needs to be strong and how to establish this strength in your own business.

Does this describe your business?
Your business is strong if its future success is based on a coherent strategy that clearly shows where it needs to get to and how to get there, if it runs efficiently and effectively without you in it and if you can step back and keep it on course.


business health check tool - Chris Briggs

The Business Foundation Health Check Tool

Is Your Business Strong Enough to Achieve Long-term Success?
Score your business against over 100 statement to get a thorough assessment of your business strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

build your business foundation system

Build a Strong Business

Build the right foundation for your business and establish the strength your business needs for long-term success.

The Build Your Business Foundation System provides a proven framework for establishing the right foundation for your business.

Chris Briggs - Your Business Foundation
Christopher Briggs, author of the best selling book “Your Business Foundation” helps business owners

  • Create and successfully execute the right strategy so that their businesses get to where they want them to be
  • Make their businesses run efficiently and effectively without them running around in it
  • Be the leaders their businesses need them to be to stay on course
Your Business Foundation by Chris Briggs
“Chris possesses the inherent skills and experience to grow business.”Chris Gill, President & CEO, Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs.
“Chris builds relationships. He builds trust with partners and customers and aims to achieve results that benefit all.”Andrew Poliak, Director of Business Development, QNX Software Systems


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