Why Your Holiday Can be the Best Thing for Your Business

Me on holiday

Your business needs you. Unfortunately, what most businesses get are tired, stressed business owners who spend most of their days running around in their business resolving issues and generally reacting to the demands of others.

As well as look after your current customers well, your business needs you to do 2 things really well. It needs you to differentiate your business from your competitors and attract your ideal prospects.

It needs you to be creative.

But, how can you be this creative genius when your days are filled with interruptions that demand your attention?

Your business needs you to go away – to take a holiday.

Assuming that when you take a well-earned break, you don’t check your emails daily or make yourself available on the phone to staff or customers, this window of relaxation and calm can be just what your business needs.

If you do check emails daily and have your phone by your side, then please stop. You’re not helping you or your business and your family will miss out because your head is elsewhere. Provided you prepare your business for your absence, it is possible to leave work behind and relax.

Not checking emails and keeping your phone switched off isn’t the same as asking you not to think about your business – that would be like asking you not to breathe.

In fact, you should do the opposite and make a point of thinking about your business. This is the ideal time to think about your business from a much higher, big picture view point.

If you’re on a holiday and not involved in an activity that requires your undivided attention, as it would if you were say swimming with great white sharks or climbing an ice cliff, you soon relax and so does your brain.

This relaxed state is the ideal time for you to get creative.

You know when you can’t think of the name of a person and you stop trying only to find the name pops into your head seconds, minutes, hours or even days later? Well, that’s happened because your relaxed unconscious mind has been working on the problem.

The same can happen for your business. Think about your business at this higher level – think about how well it is doing and if it could be doing better. Think about your biggest challenges and your need to overcome them. Think about whatever it is that your business needs to be a better business.

And don’t be in a hurry to find the solutions – don’t stress.

Feed your relaxed brain and, exactly like remembering someone’s name, it will get to work in the background at some point and start to push new ideas and inspirational thoughts up to your conscious level.

This is when you’ll have those light bulb moments.

If you have a big challenge in your business or you need some inspiration to better innovate and differentiate your business, then give it some thought during those quiet moments and forget about it when engaged with your family and friends.

It’s likely that solutions to your challenge will begin to focus in your consciousness.

When this happens, write down your thoughts straight away before it slips away. If of course you’re too busy being buried in the sand by your kids or enjoying a nice meal with your partner, then just take a few seconds to focus on the idea and get it anchored in the front of your brain so that it doesn’t fade away in the next few hours.

Your brain is at its most creative when it’s relaxed. So, when you go on holiday, do think about your business from a big picture perspective and leave the day-to-day issues behind.

Finally, it’s likely that you will be interrupted with issues from your business if you don’t prepare others to manage in your absence. Here are 5 tips on how to prepare your business for your absence.


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