Why Does Your Business Exist?


At a dinner party a couple of weeks ago someone asked me what I did.

I explained that I help business owners strengthen their business foundation and help them create the right strategy for their business.

He seemed genuinely interested and asked more questions about the needs of small business owners, about why I did what I did and about my ‘job satisfaction’.

I talked about how most business owners struggle to grow their business and my findings as to why and what I do to try and change that.

I found myself re-visiting the purpose of my business and what I do. Helped by a few glasses of red wine I’m sure, I felt the passion behind my mission to have more businesses succeed than fail rise to the surface.

Eventually the conversation moved on but what I said and the passion I felt when I talked about why my business exists, stayed with me and re-energised me.

Talking about my business’ purpose, kind of re-focused me. It re-kindled a flame that I think can easily be smothered by the very act of running your business and keeping it on course.

It felt good to talk about the purpose of my business and in doing so remind me of why I started Your Business Foundation and why I love what I do.

As part of the process of building a strong business foundation, I help other business owners identify and create a strong core purpose for their business. It felt good re-visiting mine.

Guess what I’m going to recommend you do. And if you haven’t actually thought about why your business exists then do so. Define it, write it down and occasionally re-visit it and remind yourself why you do what you do and the difference you make to others.

If you’re unsure where to start then there’s a guide called ‘Core Business Statements’ in my library of free resource, which can help.