What’s your big plan?


I’ve been pretty quiet so far this year….in fact, this is my first post. I’ve been completing a large project with one of my clients and have been focused on getting my big plan for the year going which includes a new brand launch and some exciting new products. I’ll talk more about this, and my plans for Anchorage, in the coming weeks.

What is your company or business doing this year that will help you stand out from last?

Especially in this continuing tough economic climate, if you’re not doing anything different this year, how will it be better than last? How will you stand out from your competitors and what if they’re doing something different? How will you simply stand out from the noise that your customers receive daily?

If you haven’t started the year with a big, differentiating idea, it’s not too late. Find even just one thing that makes you different and which you believe will help your clients. If you can’t find it then get help, it’ll be there somewhere.

Once you have it and can deliver it then shout about it and make sure your customers and prospects hear you. That in itself is another creative challenge and not for this post.

Have you made big plans to stand out this year?

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