What’s the best thing you can do for your business this Christmas?

If you have worked with me or have read my work you’ll know my views on the importance of thinking. Of course, I’m talking about strategic thinking; the kind of thinking that can make a difference to your business and even your life.

As we head towards the end of the year, it’s natural that we will be thinking about 2013; thinking about what we would like to achieve, what we would like to change and how we would like things to be.

The (nice-to-have) problem for most of us is that we will be enjoying our time with loved ones and surrounded by noise and distractions. This can make thinking deeply about next year and how we want to make our businesses stronger and more successful a tad difficult.

Thinking strategically is challenging at the best of times, never mind during this festive season. It’s rare that strategic ideas and thoughts will materialise immediately on demand. One way to help you get started is to plant a couple of seeds and nurture them. So, think about a couple of areas of your business and focus on those…these are your seeds.

These seeds will germinate in the background and as you doze in front of the TV or take an afternoon stroll, thoughts and ideas will begin to form. Your next challenge will be to write down or record the ideas that leap forth. (I often have these thoughts when walking my dog or driving and find a Dictaphone or my mobile a useful tool for recording my thoughts.)

What are the big two or three things you want for your business for 2013? Define them, plant the seeds and get this creative thought process started.

Once you have them, the hardest part is making them happen. Fix in your diary the days or weeks you’ll need to work on this vital exercise and don’t let the demands you’ll face when you return to work override it. This link to a post I wrote in September will help.

If you haven’t yet mapped out your business for 2013, you really need to do this during this break and not start 2013 without some kind of plan.

Meanwhile, let me just take this opportunity to wish you a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Image courtesy:Birminghampost.net