The Two Fundamental Elements All Businesses Need


To be successful your business needs two fundamental ‘elements’ – Certainty and Control.

When you have ‘certainty’ you know where you want to get your business to, why you want to get it there and how to get it there. When you have ‘control’ you turn the ‘where’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ into reality.

But that’s not all. With Certainty and Control your limited resource and time is put to best use. As a business owner you know just how precious your resource and time is and how little of it you can afford to waste.

With Certainty and Control you see the milestones being reached and you see your business moving forward closer and closer to the destination you’ve set.

With Certainty and Control you feel the stress and pressure, that uncertainty and a lack of control puts you under, disappear to be replaced with drive, determination, confidence and optimism.

Without Certainty and Control you will spend all your time in your business putting out fires, getting knocked off course and missing important milestones and goals.

Establishing certainty and control is the most important thing you must do for your business.

If you struggle to grow your business, to get it to the next level and if your business is causing you additional stress then this is why.

The first step to changing this is to fully understand why these elements are vital and how to establish them.

I wrote a report showing exactly this and it’s well worth an hour or two of your time to read and understand. Download it here.

We live in an analogue world and nothing can be completely certain or fully in control. Things will go wrong but the strong business, that has as much certainty and control as possible, is the business that will know what to do, will recover quickly and will continue on its journey relatively unharmed.

‘Control’ and ‘Certainty’ are fundamental elements but they are intangible elements – they are the quarks and bosons of the business world. You can’t grab them or pick them off the shelf.

These intangible elements manifest into existence when you establish other, tangible elements in your business. These tangible elements are the building blocks that make a business strong – Strategy, Systems and Leadership.

Have these building blocks working well in your business and you will have certainty and control.

Understand more about why these intangible elements are fundamental to the success of your business and how they are established with these three tangible building blocks – download my report, ‘Why Most Businesses Fail’.