“Strategic planning? Why?”

baby looking puzzled

A friend of mine when at a networking meeting last week ended up in a discussion about strategic planning. The other person’s opinion was that strategic plans are fine for corporate giants but for small businesses it’s essentially overkill. Creating the plan will take time, will somehow slow it down and restrict it. In other words, having a strategy plan would somehow stifle creativity and shackle the company to the path that it started out on.

Of course my first reaction was poppy-cock (or words to that effect) and then I started wondering how many small businesses thought along these lines. How many small businesses try to grow their business without an integrated strategic plan to make that vision a reality? How many don’t even have a vision to base a plan on? And how many think a strategy plan is the same as a business plan or is a part of marketing?

Do you have a strategic planning system and a coherent strategy plan at the heart of your business? If you don’t and it’s because you think you don’t need one, then download my free report, Why Most Businesses Fail and see why it’s vital that you do have one.

Growing a business is an exciting road to be on, never a dull moment, but it can often be a long, hard and sometimes lonely road. I also know there are occasions when you think maybe you should get a 9-to-5 so you can relax more in the evenings and at weekends and just switch-off. So, when help is offered, check it out, it could be just what you need.

If you’re still not sure or need help to create the right strategy plan for your business then  do contact me and let’s discuss your concerns.