Your Strategy – Your Surfboard Against a Shark Attack

Credit: Kirilos at Flickr

Credit: Kirilos on Flickr

The right strategy can protect you and your business – just like Mick Fanning’s surfboard (and a good punch) protected him from a shark attack long enough for him to get away and be rescued at the weekend.

A key part when creating the right strategy is to identify and as far as possible prepare for that which can harm you. Once identified, you can do two things – you can be prepared enough to be able to either eliminate that harm or avoid it.

This will cover the things you can prepare for. Then there’s the surprise attack like in Mick’s case where your ‘strategy surfboard’ could make all the difference.

When you know what can potentially harm you in the market you play in (or the waters you surf in) here’s what you can do. Continue reading →