A Flat Business Is a Failing Business – What Shape Is Yours?


If your business is flat it won’t stay that way. “Great, it’ll start to grow.” You may exclaim. Well…yes it might. But it’ll only do that if you purposefully do something to make that happen.

Now to make that something happen you must first know why your business is flat. What turned a growing business into a flat business? And more importantly, what will stop that flat business from becoming a shrinking business?

Herein lies the challenge – if you don’t know why your business is flat then how will you turn the “flat” back into a “rise”? And if identifying the problem wasn’t a tough enough challenge you need to then find the solution and find it quickly before “flat” becomes “drop”.

But why should a business that is flat become a business that is falling? Why can’t it stay flat until the growth solution is found and implemented?

Well…because a business plateaus for 2 reasons.

  1. It was done purposefully and as part of an overall growth strategy. Or,
  2. It occurred despite your best efforts to keep your business growing.

Now, if the former reason, then you already have your strategy in place that will take your business from the plateau to another period of growth. In which case, this post will not help you so please read no further.

If the latter reason, then your business is heading for a drop because the laws of physics guarantee that this will happen. In which case, this post will help you so please do read on. Continue reading →