If you value your business No.6 – Be Clear


Being clear when it comes to talking about your business and your products and services is pretty obvious, but it’s amazing how badly it is done. Clarity is vital, especially as we’re surrounded the fog and noise of 21st century communication and information.

Recently a politician explained that the reason why MPs rebelled against legislation that he was pushing, was because they didn’t understand it. He made it sound like it was their fault for not understanding rather than his for not explaining it well enough.

If your explanation isn’t understood then that’s your fault. Not being understood by, say a child, can be frustrating. Not being understood within your business can be very damaging.
Investment can be won or lost, your people can be on board or not, your audience can be hanging on every word or sound asleep and your prospects can be happy to part with their money for what you offer or walk away.

As leader of your company, organisation or group, clarity needs to be present in all areas, from your thoughts to your actions and of course your communications.

Step back and check all your communication. Is it clear enough? Will someone without your knowledge and experience understand the message you’re trying to get across? Can you deliver this message without losing its meaning, without diluting its importance? As Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

What techniques do you use to ensure your message is getting across?