How to Get the Most from Your People


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When you bring a new person into your business, don’t you want to get the most from them and bring out the best in them as soon as possible? Don’t you want them to be motivated and giving you their best from day one?

Well of course you do, but for most businesses this doesn’t happen quickly and it could be months later before this is happening at all. And during this time the energy and motivation the person arrived to your business with slowly drains away.

And that’s because the person doesn’t get the support he or she needs from the off. With the right support in place your business can quickly start to enjoy the benefits of this person’s expertise and continue to benefit as that person stays motivated and energised.

The owner of some care homes recently thanked me for the help and guidance I’d given her to make her business run more efficiently and effectively. This came about because a new Registered Manager she’d recently employed had told her how happy she was to have applied for the position and made the leap when offered the job.

What this new manager was particularly happy about was that all the processes and tools she needed in order to be able to do her job were already in place. She assumed that she was going to have to spend weeks and months setting up her own systems and processes in order to be able to fulfil her role, which in turn would have impacted her responsibilities to keep the home fully occupied and running well.

As the manager of a care home you need to not only make sure that your residents are receiving the care they need but also that the care delivered at least meets the understandably strict standards required by authorities such as social services and Care Quality Commission (CQC).

As well as seeing that the right care is being delivered through unannounced on-site inspections, these authorities also need to see that accurate up-to-date records are being kept with regards to things like care plans, incidents, accidents, safeguarding and so on and that each department employee receives the training they require each year.

With everything she needed already in place, in addition to the usual one-week induction training that all employees receive, the new manager was given training on these systems and processes, on how to use the auditing and reporting tools and received guidance on how to work with her teams to collate the information required.

Within 3 weeks the owner was able to fully step back and hand over the running of her home to this person. In return, the manager has been able to quickly start doing what she was hired to do.

Having the right systems and processes and tools in place also improves the quality of work throughout an organisation.

  • People know better how to carry out their tasks;
  • Managers – having more efficient methods of reporting information up the ladder – can spend more time with their people, guiding and mentoring;
  • Those who don’t deliver can no longer hide their poor work and can be helped or managed out.

Systems and processes provide an infrastructure that will make a business flow efficiently and effectively.

Supported by this infrastructure, everyone in the business will be able to focus on delivering what they need to and do it to the best of their ability.

People at all levels will be happier and more motivated and will know better how their efforts contribute to the health of the business and the difference they make.

Instead of running around in the business, reacting to issues and fixing problems, the business leader/owner will be able to step back and make sure the business is following the right strategy and is on course to achieve its aims.

Systemise your business and you will achieve more, your business will grow more and, being less dependent on you, will be worth more.

And your business will be stronger in so many ways.

Actually, systemising it and getting it to flow efficiently is one of 4 ways to strengthen your business. To see exactly how this will make your business stronger and what the other 3 ways are download my free report How Strong Is Your Business?

A strong business succeeds – a weak one struggles.

Download the report and see how strong your business is.

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