Don’t Simply Hope Your Business Will Succeed – Make Sure it Will


Every day thousands of new businesses are formed. New entrepreneurs make that massive leap to starting their own business with feelings of excitement and trepidation as they take that first step in a long, difficult but highly rewarding journey.

Everyday a similar number of businesses close, the majority having struggled for a while and finally called it a day. Their owners doing so with feelings of despair and dread as to their future and that of their families.

The deeply sad thing about many of their businesses is that they needn’t have struggled and failed. Here’s why.

I’ve carried out a huge amount of research and have more than a little experience in why businesses (and unfortunately, most businesses) do struggle and eventually fail.

They do so because their business lacks 2 vital elements – Certainty and Control.

Instead of certainty and control they hope that what they’re doing will work and that, with a bit of luck all will be well.

This unfortunately is not sustainable and things do go wrong.

In my research I looked at the many things that can go wrong in a business, from running out of cash to losing a key customer to ill health. In all cases I could trace these reasons back to a lack of certainty and/or control.

I wrote a report called, Why Most businesses Fail, and in it detailed a number of examples and the logical progression back to the lack of one of these 2 elements.

Turning Intangibles into Tangibles

Certainty and control are intangible elements. So it’s all well and good me saying you need certainty and control in your business but you can’t physically hold them or directly establish them. You need to find the tangible versions of them.

In Why Most Businesses Fail I take you through a logical process of finding causes for reasons that businesses struggle and fail and narrow them down to the lack of just 3 tangible components.

Establish these 3 components or ‘fundamental building blocks’ in your business and you will have the vital ingredients you need for success.

I should of course tell you here in this post what these building blocks are and why you only need these 3. But if I just tell you what they are you might agree with my conclusion or simply accept it before moving on to the next thing that is on your to-do list. You won’t see how I reached this conclusion, you therefore won’t see the full convincing argument and you won’t fully appreciate just how important this is to the future success of your business.

So, I’m going to go against my principles and not paint the complete picture and state here what these 3 building blocks are. But instead ask you to download this eBook and set aside an hour to absorb its 36 pages. Sorry but it is important that you see this argument for yourself and reach the same conclusions. Only then will you set aside the time and effort needed to establish these building blocks in your business.

Your time is precious, I wouldn’t waste it – it really is worth that hour of your time.

Do you hope that your business will achieve your aims or do you want to be as certain as possible? Download this ebook and see how to establish this certainty and have the control needed to keep it on course.