Do you have the right leadership attitude?

A car with a mountain of luggage on the roof
Strategic planning is a vital system to any business, the same as the engine is of a car or the wings of a plane. Like any system, it won’t work if there aren’t people, who know how it works, to look after it and it won’t do anything without people to drive or pilot it and, like a car driven by a boy-racer, could make things worse if managed badly.

When you take friends and family on a long car journey do you stress about the time it’ll take, how many times the kids will ask you, “are we there yet?” or want to stop.And do you just want to get it over and done with and get there as fast as you can. Maybe you’ll skip some breaks but tell yourself you’ll be fine.

As the driver of the car it’s your responsibility to drive legally and safely in the interest of your passengers, other travellers and yourself. Your attitude, along with your skills and other attributes, is crucial to getting you and your passengers to where you want to be in one piece.

It’s the same in business. As a leader, don’t ever forget your responsibility to your people (passengers) to your other stakeholders, including customers and partners (other travellers) and to yourself. And don’t forget how the way you steer your ship and reach your destination affects them.

A working strategic planning system, like your car, the fuel, your maps, will get you to your destination if you, as a leader, have the right attitude towards it. Appreciate that without it you are likely to get lost and struggle to reach your destination as planned.

An integrated strategic planning system is not a nice-to-have luxury when you have the time. It is fundamental to having a healthy business that achieves its goals. Make it central to your business and in return it will keep you on course and get you and your family safely to your destination.

Do you have an integrated strategic planning system that guides you and keeps you on course? Is you attitude helping or hindering your business?