Are you wasting it?


What is your most precious asset? It’s the one thing that you really can’t afford to waste because you can’t make it up later… of course its time. (I know you knew that.)

I could talk about how to be more productive and manage your time better, as I often do with my clients, but not today.

Today, it’s about the bigger picture, about the fact that our time is finite, non-replaceable and so, so precious.

If you’re generally happy and contented in your work and private life then this may not be for you but if you’re not then you should read on.

You spend most of your life working. So if you don’t love what you do then please do something about it. If you work for another but want to work somewhere else or for yourself, then do it. There really is nothing to stop you. The path you need to take might not be an easy one, and may even take a few years to be ready to step onto, but it’s certainly not an impossible one. And what a journey…it won’t be dull.

If you own your own business but struggling to take it forward then do something that’s going to change that. Step back, figure out where it’s going wrong and if you can’t fix it, admit that you need help, and seek it. If you see no chance of recovery or no longer enjoy and love your business then get out and do something that you will love.

If you’re in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy then don’t “wait for the right time”, just do each other a favour, sit down and talk about it and either resolve to fix it because you still love each other dearly or to end it as painlessly as possible so you both have a chance of finding happiness elsewhere.

Life’s way too short to procrastinate and put off what you want or need to do. Regretting something you did can last a very long time, regretting something you didn’t do can last a lifetime and run so much deeper.


  • You’re saving for a “rainy day”, stop and make today your rainy day;
  • You’re waiting for things to get better, stop and resolve to make them better;
  • You watch soaps, reality TV or talent shows, stop…please, just stop…your time is far too precious to waste on them.
  • A decision needs to be made, just make it, even if it’s the wrong one, it’s better than avoiding it.

A few years ago I was unhappy working in the corporate world and I co-founded a software company. The road was tough and the company had to close. With a lot of debt, I started Anchorage and I haven’t looked back. It was hard and the biggest challenge I’ve faced. But I love what I do, I make a difference to those I help, I have no debt and the business is going from strength to strength. The future excites me.

Around 16 years ago I left an unhappy marriage but resolved that if physically possible I would see my daughter every other weekend and school holidays for as long as she wanted. Someone once said to put small pebbles in a container, one for each weekend we could have together, and to then take that pebble out that weekend and never put it back.

Metaphorically I did that and today I have one pebble left. This weekend is my last “every other weekend” arrangement as Alex is spending most of the summer abroad before starting university.

Oh yes, and I’m back with my first love and we marry in a couple of months.

And finally, three weeks ago a dear friend phoned me to tell me she’d just been told she had cancer in her spine and liver. She knew it was life limiting but not how much. Last Friday she passed away. She was only 48.

Time, as I’m sure you know, goes far too quickly so please don’t waste it. Live it to the fullest, love what you do and be with whom you want.

And if you do watch the soaps, remember, no-one on their death-bed has ever said they regret missing E***Enders.

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Image: My dear friend, Tina.