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“Finally: A Blueprint and Step-By-Step Guidance for Building Your Business On A Solid Foundation That Massively Increases Your Chances Of Achieving Long-Term Success…Guaranteed!”

You’ll Never Again Have To Worry About How To Drive Your Business Forward, What Your Competitors Are Doing Or If  What You Are Doing Is Right For Your Business…The Blueprint That I Reveal Is The Fundamental Foundation That All Successful Businesses Are Built On and Which Yours Can Be Built On Too!

PLUS: Imagine…No More Worrying How To Drive Your Business To The Next Level and No More HOPING You’ll Make It Or That With Any LUCK Nothing Will Impact Your Business!

I Want To Give You My PROVEN “Business Foundation Blueprint” For Establishing Your Business On A Foundation That Eliminates HOPE and LUCK And Instead Gives You The CERTAINTY And CONTROL Your Business Needs To Achieve All You Dreamed From It!

You see, MOST BUSINESSES FAIL. That’s a statistical fact. And that means your business is more likely to fail than succeed

What if you could flip that fact and make it more likely that your business will succeed?…

What would that mean to you, your family and your future financial security?

This “Build Your Business Foundation” Course Will Give You Everything You Need To Build A Solid Business That Can Overcome Hazards And Setbacks And Keep Your Business On The Right Course…

This Course Is Exactly What You Need Right Now:

  • If your business is flat
  • If you’re busy in it but struggling to get anywhere
  • If you’re stressed about what lies ahead
  • If you have any doubts at all that you can make your business the success you always hoped

I say, “right now” because every day that you wait is another day that your business is vulnerable to being knocked off course…

  • Risks that you haven’t identified
  • Lost business that you weren’t prepared for
  • Competitors that pull the rug from under you
  • Shiny objects that distract you
  • Being flat and struggling to take your business to the next level

Make That Change Happen…Take CONTROL. Know What You Need To Do, How To Do it And Then Get It Done

Get the blueprint that has made such a big difference to so many business owners…that has increased businesses by millions or even saved them from failing completely.
Do this and:

  • Establish the 3 Fundamental Building Blocks that make the foundation that ALL successful businesses are built on.
  • Know where you want your business to be and exactly how to get there.
  • Assess exactly where your business is now so that you can strengthen and prepare it for the journey ahead.
  • Create a top-level strategy map that shows you the route to take and your priorities to focus on. Download strategy map templates to adapt for your business.
  • Connect your entire business from its core purpose to the things you need to implement.
  • Create a detailed strategy plan that sits underneath your strategy map and shows exactly what you need to do to.
  • Map how your business flows so that you know how to make it run efficiently on auto pilot.
  • Create simple tools that will help you stay on course.
  • Systemise your business so that it works without you in it.
  • Learn how to be the leader your business needs to keep it on course.
  • …and a whole lot more!

Exactly What You’ll Get When You Gain Access To The Course

  • 20 Videos

    These 20 face-to-camera and screencast video lessonsDetailed  show you how to establish the right foundation for your business

  • Guides and Templates

    Detailed guides and templates are available with each lesson to give you more detail and guidance

  • Foundation Healthcheck Tool

    This powerful tool will help you accurately assess how strong your current foundation is an prioritise what you need to do to make it as strong as possible

  • Module 1 – The Big Picture

    Receive an overview of the 3 fundamental building blocks that comprise this solid foundation. Lesson1 – The Business Foundation In this lesson I outline the big picture and re-cap on why this business foundation is vital, why it comprises the 3 fundamental building blocks of Strategy, Systems and Leadership and how they work together to give the solid foundation that all successful businesses are built on. Lesson 2 – The Business Foundation Blueprint In this lesson I walk you through a mind map of the Business Foundation Blueprint. This is a screen capture video of the mind map which I will open as I talk you through it. This mind map will reveal the key steps that you need to go through to establish these building blocks and the key elements of each block.

  • Module 2 – Three Vital Questions

    You need to answer these questions before you begin the journey

    Lesson 3 – Why Does Your Business Exist?

    Your business exists for a reason. In this lesson you’ll learn why it’s so important to specifically define why it exists. You’ll see how you purpose statement can guide you, can keep you going, can inspire others and can help you develop the kind of value propositions that stand you out from the crowd.

    Lesson 4 – Where Do You Want Your Business To Be?

    Your journey should start with the end in mind. In this lesson you will learn how to create compelling statements that set your long–term destination and, which, together with your purpose statement, sit at the heart of your business.

    Lesson 5 – Where Are You Now?

    You can only set the right course when you know exactly where your business is now.

    In this lesson you will learn how important it is to fully understand where your business is now and the key elements you need to look at when doing this.

    Lesson 6 – The Business Foundation health Check Tool

    Use the Business Foundation Health Check tool to accurately assess the strengths and weakness of your foundation and hence your business.

    In this screen shot video I walk you through the tool so that you know how to use it, how to interpret the results and just how powerful the tool is.

  • Module 3 – Set The Course

    In this third module you will learn how to create the strategy that will get your business from where you are now to the next major milestone or strategic destination.

    I will show you how to create a top level strategy map that will show where you are going and where you will focus your time and effort in order to get there as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    You will also learn how a business flows and how to align your strategy map with the way your business flows.

    You will then learn how to create the detailed strategy that sits under your top-level map and which connects all areas of your business and all that you do back to your purpose and vision.

    Lesson 7 – Your Business Flow

    Your business has a fundamental flow to it and your strategy needs to align with it.

    In this lesson you’ll learn how to define your business according how it flows from one cause-and-effect stage to the next. This is a powerful concept and way to define your business, which reflects the reality of your business far more than by defining its functions.

    Lesson 8 – Strategic Destinations and Priorities

    In this lesson you will learn how to define a specific strategic destination that will take your business to the next level and how to focus your efforts on the key areas that will get you there.

    Setting these will keep you focused and effective and not distracted by shiny opportunities that will likely cause you to steer off course.

    Lesson 9 – Strategy Maps

    Create a top-level one-page map that aligns the key elements of your strategy with your strategic priorities and the way your business flows.

    Your strategy map will guide you and help you stay focused on your strategic destination and priorities. It will inspire and align any people in your business and help you communicate your aims to all stakeholders.

    Lesson 10 – Goals to Tactics

    In this lesson you will learn how to turn your strategy map into a detailed strategy plan that connects from your core purpose to the tactics you will implement in order to achieve the objectives that you have set so that you hit the goals you have defined that will get you closer to your strategic destination.

    Your strategy will also act on the findings of your assessment so that strengths are made even stronger, weaknesses strengthened, risks and threats made irrelevant and opportunities strategically exploited.

  • Module 4 – Stay On Course

    Setting the course is one thing – staying on it is quite another. It’s vital that you know where you are on your plan at anytime. To do that takes regular monitoring and reviewing.

    In this module we’ll cover how to monitor and review progress, tools that can help and how to establish a strategic planning framework based on your strategic annual cycle.

    Lesson 11 – Monitor and Review

    To stay on course you need to know where you are, that you are still on course and, if not, that you can get back on course.

    In this lesson you will learn the importance of monitoring and reviewing progress so that you stay on course or adapt and purposefully change course because that is the best thing for your business.

    Lesson 12 – Monitor and Review Tools

    In this lesson you will learn how to create and use simple tools to help you monitor and review progress so that you stay on course or change it should you need to.

    Lesson – 13 – Your Strategic Annual Cycle

    In this lesson you will learn how to establish a framework for creating and executing your strategy plan based on four phases of the annual strategic cycle.

    These phases will help you create the right strategic framework that will help you to create the right strategy and successfully implement it.

  • Module 5 – Making It Work

    Having focused on the Strategy Building block we’ll now look at the other fundamental building blocks without which your strategy will be weak and unlikely to be implemented well.

    To be the leader your business needs to set it in the right direction and keep it on course our business needs to run as an efficient effective system.

    In module you will learn how to systemise your business and the key leadership qualities that leaders o successful companies possess.

    Lesson 14 – Systemise Your Business

    The only way you can implement your strategy and stay on course is if you become expendable and your business runs without you.

    In this lesson you will learn why turning your business into a set of systems and processes is the only way you can step away from it and be the leader your business needs it to be.

    Lesson 15 – Systems and Processes

    In this lesson you will learn how to identify and define the key systems of your business according to how it flows from one stage to the next. You will see how to break down these systems into sub-systems and finally individual processes.

    Lesson 16 – How to Create Process Flows

    In this lesson you will see how process flows are a powerful way to demonstrate how you want a task to be carried out by another in the way you want and to the standard you expect.

    Lesson 17 – Creating a Process Flow

    In this screen capture video I’ll show you how to use PowerPoint to create a process flow that is easy to learn and use.

    Lesson 18 – Your Core Leadership Attributes

    Only you as the leader of your business can make this work.

    With your business becoming a system that will free you up to create and implement the right strategy, in this lesson you will learn the key attributes that make a great leader.

    Lesson 19 – Vital leadership Skills

    In this lesson you will learn the vital leadership skills that you need to set the right course and stay on it.

    Lesson 20 – Over To You

    Learning how to is the easy part. The hard part is making it happen.

    It’s time to get started and to overcome the inertia that holds most people back. I’ll give you some pointers to get you going and make this work.

This Is Like No Other Course Out There…

This course doesn’t teach you how to do a particular TACTIC…

You won’t learn how to use Facebook or Twitter or how to do email marketing or how to close a sale….

Because these separate tactics are a waste of time and money if not supported by the right strategy, if your business isn’t aligned and driving forward and if you don’t know where you’re trying to get to or how to get there.

Before Investing Time And Money On The Tactics You First Need To Get The Foundation Right

Establish This Foundation For Your Business and You Will:

  • Gain clarity of purpose.
  • Be focused on the journey ahead and the route to take.
  • Be more productive knowing each quarter, month and week what you need to do to keep forging ahead.
  • Inspire others with your strong vision and clear strategy for reaching it
  • Know what you’re doing is the right thing for your business.
  • Eliminate any self-doubt and drive forward with confidence, determination and discipline.
  • Take control and no longer react to the demands of others.
  • Know the risks ahead so that you can either eliminate them or avoid them.
  • Have a systemised business that runs without you in it.
  • Become more creative and innovative as you’re able to stand back from your business and see the way ahead.
  • Differentiate your business to make your competitors irrelevant.
  • No longer worry about the future because it’s all mapped out in front of you.
  • Grow your business quicker and stronger than you ever thought possible.
  • Be the leader that steers the right course to your destination.

So…The Choice Is Yours, Carry On Struggling or Beat The Statistics And Build A Business That Will Last…

Get access to the 20 video lessons, the detailed guides and templates and the powerful Business Foundation Health check Tool all for just £475!


Pay in 3 monthly instalment of just £175!

Whichever option you choose you will gain access and be able to download and keep all of the videos, guides, templates and tools.

The best part is that I’ve take away any risk that you may perceive and given you a no-question 60-day money-back guarantee.

Just click one of the buttons below now and make that fundamental difference to your business that will put you firmly in control so that you achieve all that you want from it!

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