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Chris-briggs-speaker-300Invite Christopher to speak at your event.

Chris creates custom talks around strategy, leadership and marketing, which inspire and motivate his audience.
Here are some example titles:

  •     “Why most businesses fail and how to make sure yours isn’t one of them.”
  •     “Create desire for your products at the price you want.”
  •     “Beyond demand creation.”
  •     “If you value your business…walk away”
  •     “Be a creative leader and stand out from the crowd.”
  •     “Most marketing is based on hope…we can do better than that.”


To enquire about booking, email Christopher with details about the event.

“Sure opened my mind to possibilities.”  Dave Pickering, Active Creations

“Helped me solidify my company’s vision.”  Jonathan Hayes, Pathfinder Energy Management Ltd.

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