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Chris presents motivating and thought-provoking half-day seminars to companies, business parks and associations. Topics include:

Run Your Organisation with Certainty and Control not Hope and Luck

Too many businesses and organisations struggle to achieve their targets and stand out from the crowd. They hope they will achieve them and with luck nothing will get in their way. Chances are they won’t and things will get in their way.

Eliminate hope and luck and drive forward knowing what you need to do, how to do it and with the control needed to actually do it.

Define Where You Want To Be and How To Get There

How do you create a compelling Vision and then drive your company towards it? Most Vision Statements mean little to anyone and are quickly forgotten, whereas a great vision statement can bring everyone together, inspire and motivate.

But even the best Vision statement doesn’t help you reach it. You need a real destination to steer towards.

In this seminar you will discover:

  • How to create compelling vision and mission statements;
  • What a strategic destination is and why it’s this that you’re aiming for;
  • How strategic priorities help keep you focused and on course; and
  • The beauty of a one-page strategy map to guide you.

Why your Business Needs to Run Like an Efficient System

A business that isn’t working like an efficient system, isn’t working:

  • The business owner is too busy spinning plates to drive the business forward;
  • Creativity and innovation is an unrealistic dream;
  • Motivation and energy is scarce; and
  • The business is more likely to fail than succeed.

Find out why systemising your business must be your number one priority if you want to be able to run your business instead of it running you.

Be Needed, Not Needy

Are you attracting, converting and retaining your ideal prospects? Are you being heard above the noise or is no one listening?

If you’re struggling to attract ideal customers then your marketing strategy isn’t working and your prospects either:

  • Don’t know they have a problem that you can solve;
  • Know they have a problem but don’t know how to fix it;
  • Can’t hear you above the noise; or
  • See and hear you but don’t know that your solution will help them.

A successful marketing strategy will ensure you find your ideal customers, win them and keep them. Without customers, what have you got?

If you’d like Chris to deliver a seminar for your organisation then please drop him an email



Chris creates and delivers interactive small workshops ranging from 1-day up to 3-days.

The one-day workshops cover the themes above in more depth so that you create a bespoke solution for your business.

Chris’ 3-day workshop takes you through the steps needed to create your own business foundation. At the end of the workshops you’ll have the tools and a template of your foundation that you can refine and build over the subsequent months.

Contact Chris to find out more and tell him about your business.


These examples represent the range of training offered.

Call now to discuss your challenges and the benefits workshops and training can bring your business.

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