A Successful Business Is Strong In 4 Distinct Ways - All 4 Ways Are Vital For Long-Term Success.

Make Your Business Strong Enough And You'll Know Where You Want To Get Your Business And How To Get There With CERTAINTY And CONTROL.

Imagine...No More Worrying How To Drive Your Business To The Next Level And No More HOPING You’ll Make It Or That With Any LUCK Nothing Will Hurt Your Business!

I Want To Show You My PROVEN Method For Identifying Weak And Vulnerable Areas Of A Business And For Establishing 4 Levels Of Strength That Eliminates HOPE and LUCK And Instead Gives You The CERTAINTY And CONTROL Your Business Needs So That You Achieve All You Dreamed From It!

You see, MOST BUSINESSES FAIL. That’s a statistical fact. And that means your business is more likely to fail than succeed.

What if you could flip that fact and make it more likely that your business will succeed?

What would that mean to you, to your family and to your future financial security?

A Strong Business Is Far More Likely To Enjoy Extraordinary Success. A Weak Business is Guaranteed To Struggle and Eventually Fail.

The How Strong Is Your Business Course And The Business Foundation Health Check Tool Will Show You How To Build That Strong Business.

This Course Is Exactly What You Need Right Now:

  • If your business is flat
  • If you are busy in it but struggling to get anywhere
  • If you are stressed about what lies ahead
  • If you have any doubts at all that you can make your business the success you always wanted

I say, “right now” because every day that you wait is another day that your business is vulnerable to being knocked off course by...

  • Risks that you haven’t identified
  • Lost business that you weren’t prepared for
  • Competitors that pull the rug from under you
  • Shiny objects that distract you
  • Being busy in your business but achieving little

Start To Strengthen Your Business Today And Eliminate That Which Can Stop You

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Establish The 4 Levels of Strength and a Solid Foundation on Which to Build Your Business.

Learn how to build:

  • Strength Against Harm: Be fully prepared for the hazards that lie ahead so that you can avoid or eliminate them
  • Strength of Purpose: Know where you want your business to be and exactly how to get there
  • Strength in Motion: Run your business efficiently and effectively without you in it
  • Strength in Control: Be the leader your business needs to keep it on course and to reach your goals

Exactly What You'll Get When You Gain Access To The Course

  • 9 Video Lessons

    90 minutes of pure training will show you the 4 levels of strength and how to establish them and this solid foundation and how to use the strength analysis tool to identify and strengthen weak and vulnerable areas in your business.

  • Business Foundation Healthcheck Tool

    This powerful tool will help you accurately assess how strong your business is and prioritise what you need to do to make it as strong as possible as quickly as possible.

  • "How Strong Is Your Business?" Ebook

    Understand more about these levels of strength and why without them, a business is more likely to fail than achieve long-term success.

  • Module 1 - How Strong Is Your Business?

    In this first Module we’ll look at the big picture and ask why having a strong business is a must if it is to be successful.

    Lesson 1 – How Strong Is Your Business?

    In this lesson you will see why it is vital that you are able to answer this question thoroughly and accurately.

    Not knowing the answer to this fundamental question can seriously harm your business.

  • Module 2 - The 4 Levels of Strength

    In Module 2 I reveal the 4 Levels of Strength and show how they work together and support each other to make a business as strong as possible.

    Lesson 2 – Strength Against Harm

    Learn how to strengthen your business against the hazards that lie ahead, ready to knock your business off course and cause real damage.

    Lesson 3 – Strength of Purpose

    See the enormous strength gained by knowing exactly where you want to get your business and exactly how to get it there. Learn how to create a strategic destination and successfully reach it.

    Lesson 4 – Strength in Motion

    Your business has a fundamental flow to it and your strategy needs to align with it. In this lesson you’ll learn how to define your business according how it flows from one cause-and-effect stage to the next. This is a powerful concept and reflects the reality of your business far more than by defining its functions. Get your business flowing efficiently and effectively, without you in it spinning those plates, so that you can step back and focus on meetng your customers’ needs and differentiating yourself from those around you.

    Lesson 5 – Strength in Control

    Stay in control and keep your business on course. This is about you being the leader your business needs to make this happen.

  • Module 3 - The 3 Fundamental Building Blocks

    In this third module you will learn how to create these 4 Levels of Strength in your business by establishing 3 building blocks that are fundamental to building a strong business.

    Together, these 3 Fundamental Building Blocks create the 4 Levels of Strength and the solid foundation that you and your business needs to meet your aims with certainty and control.

    Lesson 6 – The 3 Fundamental Building Blocks

    Successful businesses are built on a solid foundation comprising these 3 building blocks. Understand them and see how together they establish these vital levels of strength in your business.

  • Module 4 - The Business Foundation HealthCheck Tool

    The Business Foundation Health Check Tool has helped many business owners identify weak and vulnerable areas in their business. It has helped them to strengthen their businesses and address any weaknesses. For some it has made the difference between  success and failure.

    This tool will give you accurate assessment of how strong your business is. Based on 123 statements for you to score your business against, the tool will reveal just how strong each level of strength is in your business and the weak and vulnerable areas that you need to address.

    Use this tool every quarter and see your business get stronger with quarterly charts set out on one page.

    This is the first time I am making this tool available to buy.

    Lesson 7 – How To Use The Tool

    In this lesson I take you through a guided tour of the Health Check Tool and show you how to use it accurately and wisely. You will see the powerful features that will help you accurately assess where your business is strong, where it is weak and where it is vulnerable.

    Lesson 8 – How To Get The Most From The Tool

    Learn how to best analyse your results and prioritise your efforts so that you start to strengthen your business in the most efficient and effective way.

    The Business Foundation Health Check Tool and these lessons, will save you many months of effort and trial and error and the cost to your business that goes with that.

    This tool alone is easily worth 10 times the cost of this entire offering.

  • Module 5 - Build a Strong Business Foundation

    Learning “how to” is the easy part. The hard part is making it happen. It’s time to get started and to overcome the inertia that holds most people back. I’ll give you some pointers to get you going and make this work.

    Lesson 9 – Build a Strong Business Foundation

    Learn how to make this happen. Learn how to take all that you are going to learn and the results of your analysis and start strengthening your business today.

This Course Isn't Like Most Other Courses Out There...

This course doesn’t teach you how to do a particular TACTIC...

You won’t learn how to use Facebook or Twitter or how to do email marketing or how to close a sale....

Because these separate tactics are a waste of time and money if your business isn't strong enough to handle the hazards and obstacles that lie in wait, if it doesn't know where its going and how to get there, if it needs you in it daily to spin its plates and if you have no control over its direction and fortune.

This Course Is About Deep Business Strengthening Strategies

So...The Choice Is Yours...Carry On As You Are And Hope All Will Be Well Or Beat The Statistics And Build A Strong Business That Will Last.

Whatever the difference is between business success and failure for you - that is how much this course could be worth to you.

How much is it worth to make your business as strong as possible? Know that and you'll know just how crazy the price of my offering is.

Get access to the 9 video lessons and the powerful Business Foundation Health Check Tool all for just...

£47! (Approx. $69)

And just in case you are still hesitating over this no-brainer offer, I’ve take away any risk that you may perceive and given you a no-question, 60-day money-back guarantee.

Click the orange button below and start strengthening your business today!

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