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A Strong Business Foundation Comprises 3 Fundamental Building Blocks That Work Together And Support Each Other To Give You And Your Company The Solid Foundation And The Vital Strength To Grow And Prosper.

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Strategy Building Block

A strong, coherent strategy lies at the heart of every successful business. It is this strategy that will give you the certainty of knowing where you want to be and how to get there.

No strategy and you’re ‘winging it’ and can only able to hope that your business will be successful.


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Systems Building Block

If your business doesn’t run efficiently and effectively and eventually does so without you in it everyday, then you (and your people) won’t have the vital control needed to create and successfully implement the right strategy because you’ll be too busy and stressed reacting to the demands of others, putting out fires and simply keeping your head above water.


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Leadership Building Block

Creating a strategy is one thing – successfully implementing it is quite another. Without strong leadership a strategy (if exists and relevant) will quickly become useless and simply gather dust. With Strong leadership the right strategy is created and implemented and the business will stay on course with certainty and control.


build your business foundation system

The Build Your Business Foundation System

This proven system takes you through the steps you need to take to establish this solid foundation for your business so that you create the right strategy, successfully implement it and keep your business on course.


Build your business foundation coaching

The Build Your Business Foundation Coaching Programme

Through my coaching programme I help business owners of SMEs build a solid foundation to support their business so that they can…

  • Create and deliver the right strategy;
  • Establish a business that can run without them in it;
  • Keep their business focused and on course;
  • Grow a stronger business faster.

If that’s what you want then click on the Build Your Business Foundation Coaching Programme button below to discover how this programme can help you achieve all you want from your business.

“A powerful framework for businesses of any size.” Matthew Trowbridge, Chairman/NED of growing technology companies
“Chris helped us strengthen our long-term strategy and find the direction we needed to generate more income and become less reliant on Government funding.” Pauline Odulinski, Principal of Aylesbury College


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The Success of Your Business is Directly Proportional to its Strength.

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