Unlike the Government, do you have a vision?

If you agree with Vince Cable when he says the Government doesn’t have a vision, how do you feel about that?

Do you think that a vision is a “nice-to-have” but not always necessary? In life, most people don’t have a vision for where they want to be or the lifestyle they want. And many are very happy with their loved ones and friends and getting by. (Nothing wrong with that and that’s not what this is about.)

But can this work in a business? What happens if you don’t have a vision?

How can you set a direction to drive your business towards without one? How can you connect the dots from your vision to you goals and down to your day-to-day activities? And yes, you need to or how else would you know that you’re doing the right things?)

A vision is a “must have” that comes from your core purpose, that inspires you and your people and gives you a destination to head towards.

My vision? “To help companies establish a strong foundation on which to build long-term success.”

What’s yours?

Back to the Government…I don’t know what their vision is (or what the vision of any previous government has been for that matter) and if they don’t have one it begs the question….”Where are they taking us?”