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Chris Briggs - Your Business Foundation

My name is Christopher Briggs and I aim to reduce the number of businesses that fail. I help business owners achieve extraordinary success in today’s tough business environment.

I am the author of Your Business Foundation and the creator of the Business Foundation Blueprint, my step-by-step system for establishing strong business foundations.

Tough Times

When my first software company failed I relentlessly searched for why it and thousands of businesses fail each year. Through my research I discovered the true reason for business failure and wrote the acclaimed report, Why Most Businesses Fail.

New Start

I bounced back, founded Anchorage Consulting in 2009 and created a system to help businesses of all sizes establish the right solid foundation on which to build their business. Since then I have helped turn businesses around, helped care home owners and hospices keep their beds full and pass CQC inspections and I helped colleges reduce their reliance on Government funding.


With Your Business Foundation I have created products and my mentoring program that help businesses of all sizes and types establish their own foundation, achieve long-term success and not become another failed business.

Too many business struggle needlessly. If yours is one of them then start today to establish this foundation, turn your business around, achieve your goals and drive towards your vision with certainty and control.

My book will help you get started and if you feel you need help implementing what you’ve learned then check my mentoring program or contact me to find out more.

Professional background

Through my many years working in engineering and marketing for large corporations, I have worked with hundreds of different companies of all sizes, have run profit and loss centres, have created global software consortiums, won multi-million pound contracts, run teams at a European level and successfully broken into new markets.

In 2004 I co-founded a software IP Company and introduced a new business model to the industry. With the financial crash in 2008 we found ourselves without the finance we needed to grow and had to close in 2009. This kicked off an obsession to find out why most businesses fail, which has got me to where I am today.